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What to Include, and What Not to Include in Your Resume

Is your resume in need of some updating? Here are a few tips to keep in your back pocket.


1. Contact info: name, address, email and phone number

2. List, in bullet points, professional experience in reverse chronological order

3. Keep language concise and straight to the point

4. Include job titles and company names

5. Highlight accomplishments and include statistics


1. Use the word "I": use action verbs such as "analyzed", conducted", or delivered"

2. Include unnecessary "fluff" adjectives such as "exceptional", "outstanding", or "amazing"

3. Include personal information: headshot, sex, birth date, age

4. List references: employers will request these if applicable to the role

5. Exceed one sentence for company descriptions (if you choose to include)

Need assistance revamping your resume? Not to worry - that is an integral step in our candidate process.

Let us make your job search easier. Contact one of our recruiting consultants to start the process:

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