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1. Phone Call Introduction

We will conduct an initial phone call with you to gain an understanding of your professional goals and aspirations, and to evaluate your strengths, skill sets and overall professional experience.

2. In-Depth Interview (in person/virtual)

Not only do we want to learn more about you and your career, but what you need in a job that best aligns with your overall lifestyle. We want to meet with you to understand:

  • Your professional background and experience - why are you looking for a change?

  • Your career plan - what is your long-term goal?

  • Your ideal company culture - what are the things most important to you?

Based on our conversation, we will recommend roles we believe would be a best fit. We will be in constant contact with you and will let you know as soon as these opportunities become available.

3. Resume Improvements

If there is a position that piques your interest, we will work with you to improve your resume so that we are presenting your professional achievements and qualifications most applicable to the role.

4. Candidate/Client Interview

We have submitted your resume to a client, and they would like to interview with you. Our job is to ensure you feel confident going into these interviews, so we prepare you with general and company-specific guidelines at least 24 hours before the interview date.

5. Interview Follow Up

After the interview, we ask our candidates to call us as soon as possible. We want you to be completely transparent in your feedback, whether positive or negative, so we can adjust our searches to best fit your needs for the future. We will conduct the same follow up with the client and provide you feedback. We will manage the process, from strategizing compensation to securing the offer.

6. Continued Partnership

Our relationship doesn't end once you're hired. We understand life is unpredictable and things can change. We are here to partner with and grow throughout your career.

When you partner with Capitol Careers, our mission is to develop a long-term, working relationship that will positively impact your career.

The Candidate Process

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